*** Vital Oxide approved for use in Zimek System ***

Zimek Systems now Registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Fogging/Misting in room and Vehicle Disinfecting and Decontamination.


  • Reduce Infetion Rates
  • Can achieve greater than 99.99% contaminant kill rates in less than one hour
  • Require no human intervention during Zimek's three dimensional Dri-Mist Treatments
  • Eliminate human error and neglect plaguing antiquated & ineffective cleaning and disinfecting protocols
  • Utilize safe EPA-registered disinfectants which do not cause collarteral damage to sensitive equipment or surfaces
  • Do NOT use harmful chlorine bleach or dangerous hydrogen peroxide vapor
  • Micro-Mist treatments leave no toxic of visible residue
  • Reduce exposure to healthcare expenses and liability insurance costs
  • Reduce exposure to personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits (H.A.I).

**Diesel Exposure Claims Find a LEGAL Path** - WSJ Sept. 5th 2014

**Diesel Exposure Claims Find a Legal path - get article here**


...Welding Smoke, Oil Mist, Grinding Dust or DIESEL/Vehicle exhaust...

DON'T BREATHE THAT.....protect your lungs!

Diversitech model DD2x4 - Downdraft Table used for Aluminum grinding/deburring at an aerospace supplier in Olathe, KS.

Plymovent Drive-thru Vertical Stack Rail system in Iowa City's newest fire station.





FARR GS6 with Safety Monitoring Filters (SMF), Back-draft explosion damper.


Installed in Lawrence,  KS.  With the use of the SMF and explosion damper, this unit is able to recirculate the conditioned air back in to the building - saving money!

After 17 years of pneumatic - converted to Magnetic Nozzles
Welding on Stainless Steel
26 ft. Fixed Exhaust Boom (FEB) for diesel exhaust

Air Cleaning Technologies located in Bonner Springs, Kansas has been cleaning the air in commercial and industrial facilites for the past 20 years. We have been designing, selling and installing air filtration and vehicle exhaust systems for primarily the KS, MO, NE and IA areas. However, due to our size we have the ability to provide “turn-key” installations or just product sales.


With additional engineering assistance from companies such as PlymoVent Corp. & Camfil FARR Air Pollution Control Systems, we are able to provide a unique pool of talent in the field of Industrial filtration & Source Capture ventilation.


Air Cleaning Technologies specializes in the following:

  • Industrial process ventilation - Welding Smoke, Grinding Dust & Oil Mist
  • Firehouse exhaust extraction
  • Exhaust extraction system for vehicle service shops and automotive industry
  • Tobacco Smoke Filtration & Odor Control Systems