MultiSmart Arm w/ Extension

MultiSmart Arm connected to a single cartridge dust collector - Springfield, MO


The MultiSmart Arm is the "Top of the line" extraction arm from Plymovent.  It uses pneumatic shocks to Easily position the arm & Hold it there!  It comes in 6.25 and 8.0 inch dia.  This unit has the additional Smart Arm Extension (SAE) for a larger coverage area (mounted on a 7 ft. Stanchion (PA220).

LM2 Telescoping Extraction Arm

LM2 Telescoping Extraction Arm - Installed in High School Welding Booths in central KS


These extraction arms are perfect for a welding booth.  The arm extends to 7 ft. and can compact to as short as 3 ft..

Halogen Light on a KUA hood


KUA extraction arms have several options:

- Halogen Light

- Hood Switch Kit (turn on/off fan at the hood)

- Light Sensor (detects welding, turns fan on)

- Current Sensor (detects welding, turns fan on)

- Extension piece (SLE) (for added distance)

MiniMan Extraction Arm (MMH75-10)


This MMH75 is located in a laboratory drawing off vapors/fumes from various applications.

Qty. 2 KUA4 Extraction Arms - Fan Manufacturer Springfield, MO


KUA4 is a 14 ft. extraction arm, 6.25 inch dia.  This application used a Stanchion (PA220) in order to lower the extraction arms closer to the welding area.

Plymovent MultiFume Caddie (pictured) & MobileOne offer portable, at source capture of welding smoke & grinding dust.  The Multifume Caddie can have a MERV16 filter (for hexavalent chromium fumes).  The MobileOne offers continous use operation by the use of Ram-Air pulse cleaning of the filter.