Diversitech offers Air Pollution Solutions for Welding - Grinding - Sanding - Deburring - Cutting

Diversitech Downdraft Tables

For Grinding, Deburring, Sanding & Welding

Grinding on Aluminum parts for Aerospace equipment.

Located in Olathe, KS


2 x 4 ft. Downdraft Table with side and back walls

MiniDD - 2 x 2 Portable Downdraft table.


200 fpm Capture Velocity

1200 cfm @ 1.75" sp

1 Hp, 125 Volt

New FUME TRACKER! "Look Ma, No Hands!"

Automatically Tracks & adjusts to where you are welding.

New Fume Tracker!  Automatically moves to where you are welding!


See the YouTube video - click here!

Wet Downdraft Collectors

Wet Downdraft Collectors - Wet Downdraft Tables offer flexibility and a hands free method of capture at source of dust directly through the tabletop. Mated to our wet filtration system, water is used to contain all extracted dust thus eliminating any chance of fire or explosion. This method of filtration makes this table perfect for the collection of combustible dusts from hand sanding, deburring, and polishing of parts made of exotic metals such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and others.