Fixed Exhaust Boom (FEB)


This unit is 26 ft. long and has 16 foot of hose!  This unit is used to exhaust diesel fumes from a manufacturer in central Kansas.  By using the 26 ft.FEB, this company can reach up to 4 units in two bays.  Notice how it hangs under the overhead crane.

Extraction Rail w/ Sliding "Crab" & Hose


A 70 ft. long Extraction Rail w/ 3 Crabs and 6 inch dia. hose installed in Finney County Road Maintenance shop in southwest Kansas.  By using this design, they are able to position the hose anywhere along the rail to extract diesel fumes.

Harley Davidson Training Classroom - Motorcycle Exhaust System (Kansas City, MO)


This system was designed for upto 6 motocycles running at the same time.  This system uses dampers and quick-disconnects in order to interchange hoses for single or dual exhaust motorcycles.  Fan is mounted on the roof - very queit operation!

Spring Exhaust Reel (SER) - Independence, MO Maint. Shop


Three Spring Exhaust Reels are mounted to a single fan.  Each nozzle has a damper so that the fan pulls only from the open nozzle.  Spring Exhaust Reels have a "lock and latch" mechanisim so that only the necessary hose length is pulled out.

Spring Exhaust Reel (SER) on Pivoting Boom - Leavenworth, KS County Maint. Shop


The Pivoting Boom arm makes reaching several bays accessible.  Maximum length of Boom 14.5 ft.